Zooey Deschanel
Happy New Year, Roomfriends!

It’s funny how everyone else wants to start the new year off with unflattering, embarrassing, drunk pictures of themselves from new year’s eve and xmas on their facebook newsfeed. 

While I’m here. Party for one, blasting She & Him. Wanting to start the year with an excessive amount of Zooey on my dash. Am I right?

I’m going to die alone, and happy New Year!


- your typical zooey fan


How I spent my Christmas Eve!

I woke up at 11am to eat one gingerbread man. Then went back to bed.
Woke up 1pm and started mindlessly watching new girl and rebloging Zooey until I fell asleep, again.
Woke up at 5pm and did some homework. Once homework was done I reward myself with sleep.
Woke up 9pm with a huge craving for mcnuggets. Drove all the way to mcdoualds and realized it was closed.
Now I’m mindlessly watching new girl, again.

I’m going to die alone, and Merry Christmas!

reblog if you love zooey more than real life.
This is how i feel today

This is how i feel today