Zooey Deschanel

What do you prefer?

a) She and Him all the time and no New Girl


b) New Girl all the time and no She and Him

What is it going to be, followers?


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  1. alyssalladoc answered: are there any choices??…….I love both of those.
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  3. allisonbristow answered: A) She and Him all day every day!
  4. merlinedcolinedkrisbian answered: c) Both Of Them.cause if not Zooey,it means no New Girl and no She And Him.! xx ♥♥
  5. notlaurentaylor answered: She & Him for sure!
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    new girl all the time
  7. cammbels answered: THIS IS NOT FAIR
  8. mr-atomic-bomb answered: movies!!!!
  9. the-ordinary-nerd answered: I choose option B
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    She and Him all the time without even stopping.
  11. hermionelooksgoodonthedancefloor answered: She & Him all the time and no New Girl TOTALLY.
  12. toomuchteah answered: She&Him….always
  13. imagination-parade answered: Definitely A!!!
  14. checkerboard-pineapple answered: She & Him
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  16. myrabbitandi answered: ARRRRHHHHHHHH. The New Girl. With tones of She & Him. Eg. When she did a jazz dance in the bank with her 50 Days co/star. TONES :)
  17. seforbonitomeda answered: oh no!!!!!!! please don’t make me choose!!!!!! i’m gonna dieeeee!
  18. arivevira answered: a
  19. lerenarddocile answered: She and Him, I love her voice so much.
  20. evisceratee answered: New Girl for life.
  21. fahad8world answered: new girl
  22. likeajunebug answered: She and him. tbh, I don’t like the show at all and I’ve given it several chances because she’s the main character.
  23. sdreyfus answered: a
  24. zemilydeschanel answered: she & him and new girl all the time. :3
  25. 500daysofconsh answered: a) I can live without New Girl
  26. rightoutsideyourwindow answered: She and Him all the time and no New Girl. New Girl is literally the worst.
  27. casanohabitada answered: a
  28. possumpotter answered: This is the most difficult choice in the world, why cant we have both?
  29. juukeboxhero answered: she & him! (:
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